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Support To Civil and Military Authorities

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) conducts a variety of operational missions primarily in the areas of Emergency Services (Search And Rescue, Disaster Relief, Counterdrug, and Homeland Security. If a request is approved, these services are provided free of charge.

NOTE:  Only the CAP National Operations Center (NOC) can approve a Request For Assistance (RFA).  A RFA must be initiated by Local, State or Federal authorities.  Local CAP units cannot initiate a RFA, but can inform authorities of CAP services and how the government entity can initiate a RFA. Civilians cannot request assistance.


CAP can provide State and Local authorities with aerial search capabilities, ground team support operations  and disaster relief efforts under Title 36.


When there is a Federal interest, CAP also provides various support functions under Title 10, Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) in CAP's role as the United States Air Force Auxiliary.


EMERGENCY REQUESTS (i.e. Search and Rescue):

When time is of the essence, CAPR 60-3 allows the NOC to act on verbal requests for CAP assistance. Verbal requests allow a more rapid response, but must still be followed up with a written submission (see below). To make a verbal request for support:

Call the NOC at 888-211-1812 ext 300


STANDARD REQUESTS (i.e. Non-emergency / Training Missions):

In non-emergency situations, and as a follow-up to emergency situations, civilian authorities and military entities will utilize the Request For Assistance (RFA) form to request support, whether real-world missions or training missions.  The RFA outlines the information needed by the CAP National Operations Center (NOC) in order for the CAP NOC staff to coordinate mission approval.




If you have any questions regarding requests for assistance, please contact the Civil Air Patrol National Operations Center at 888-211-1812 ext 300 or or fax NOC at: 800-555-7902.

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