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Course Announcement
Training Leaders of Cadets (Basic)

25 Apr 2020

Registration Deadline: 20 Apr 2020


Target Audience:  Squadron Cadet Programs Staff, and those seeking to gain a better under of the Cadet Program.

  • Course is a requirement for the Cadet Programs Technician Rating, and also a prerequisite for TLC (Intermediate)

  • Each Cadet & Composite Squadrons are required to have at least two graduates of TLC assigned (CAPR 60-1 Att. 1 & SUI WKS B-1 Question 5)


When: 25 Apr 2020 (Time TBA)


Where: Alabama Wing Cadet Program Zoom Conference & Coursesite Blackboard


Uniform of the Day: CAP Authorized Uniform / Civilian Business Casual


Cost: Free


Course Description:


  • Student Packet (Must be downloaded & printed)

  • Format:  7 hours of discussion-based learning in-residence, with two short web modules

  • Outcome:  Adult leaders prepared to contribute as Cadet Programs Officers on a squadron staff

  • Learning Goals:

    • Articulate the Cadet Programs vision, to include referencing the key traits of cadet life, the program elements and the outcomes each produces, and an explanation of the promotion process.

    • Explain the roles and responsibilities of cadet programs officers serving at the squadron level, with special regard to leadership dynamics, as the adult’s role changes when the cadet staff’s readiness changes.

    • Describe operating principles for squadron-level cadet programs, including Cadet Great Start, weekly meetings and activities, and using the Quality Cadet Unit Award as a self-assessment and managerial tool.


Course Director: Maj Arnold Staton, CAP
                               Director of Cadet Programs – Alabama Wing
(Make sure to select 25 April 2020 – TLC-Basic in the Course drop-down box as we will be adding more training opportunities will in the coming weeks)


Course Announcement
Training Leaders of Cadets (Intermediate)

26 Apr 2020 - 0800 to 1600

Registration Deadline: 20 Apr 2020


Class Announcement Details:


Dear Fellow ALWG CAP Officer,


Do you work with cadets? Do you want to become more effective at mentoring them and managing squadron level cadet programs? Then register for the Training Leaders of Cadets [Intermediate Course]


Some of the topics covered during the newly revised course include:

• Understanding the millennial generation

• Supporting special needs cadets

• Helping cadets develop habits of self-criticism and self-development

• Employing constructive discipline

• Getting the most from the wing and national-level activities


Most of all, TLC is a great venue for sharing best practices and seeing how other squadrons cope with the perennial challenges of leading a cadet unit, so there’s something for newcomers and experienced leaders alike.



Eligibility: Open to seniors who have completed Level One (sorry, no cadets allowed – this is a forum where adults can freely discuss their challenges in mentoring cadets) & Training Leaders of Cadets Basic Course


Dates & Times: April 26th @ 8am-4pm

Location: Online via Google Meet

Uniform: CAP authorized uniform OR business attire 

Fee: $Zero

Items Needed: This is an Online Training Course and you will need a laptop/computer with access to a webcam, microphone, and internet.



CLICK HERE pssssssst.. You know you want to :)

Other reasons why you should take this course: 

- TLC is needed to be renewed every 48 months
- TLC Intermediate course is needed to earn Senior Rating in Cadet Programs
- TLC Intermediate is normally only offered once a year



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