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For both curl-ups and push-ups, proper form and repetition are your friend. Keeping Sunday as a rest day, you can do three days each, alternating between push-ups and curl-ups which will provide a rest day in between working the different muscle groups.


Curl-Up Training:

It is SUGGESTED that curl-up training be accomplished, at a minimum, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The muscle groups used for curl-ups can sustain more frequent training and requires less recovery time between training sessions. This still leaves the entire day of Saturday to recoup before potential testing on Mondays. If you incorporate ab "crunches," these can be accomplished every day to assist in strengthening your core.


For curl-ups, remember not to put your heels any closer to your buttocks in order to attain the 90 degree angle with your legs/knees. The closer your heels, the harder the curl-up becomes. Remember to breath IN on the way down, blow OUT on the way up. With hands crossed at the shoulder (and must remain in contact with the shoulders at ALL times), once your elbows can touch your thigh, that's all you need. Repeat... repeat... repeat...


Beginner and Advanced Curl-up Training:

"Up to" 10 separate times per day, no less than three days per week, spend ONE MINUTE doing as many curl-ups as you can.

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