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This page breaks down the Great Start Curriculum Resources by implementation phases. To download the entire manual, use the link for CAPP 52-9 at the bottom of this page.


Introduction and Course Outline


Table of Contents


Hallmarks of the Cadet Orientation and Training Course

Course Introduction

Course Introduction

Course Outline

Pre-Planning and Cadet Cadre Training

Part 1 Orientation: Welcome To CAP

Part 2 Training

Part 3 Evaluation and Management


Implementation Guidelines

Recommended Schedule Options

Recommended Schedule - for - 5 week program

Recommended Schedule - for - 1 weekend and 1 meeting night

Instructor and Cadre Training

Senior Member TLC Slides

Activity P2: Cadet Cadre Training

Cadet Cadre Slides

Lesson Plans

1.1 Exciting Opportunities

1.2 Cadet Membership In CAP

1.3 Teambuilding: "The Mine Field"

1.4 Great Start Overview (for cadets)

1.5 Parents' Introduction

2.1 Leadership Foundations 1: Followership

2.11 Teambuilding Activity: "Identity Crisis"

2.12 Drill and Ceremonies Lab: Drill Lab #1

2.13 Drill and Ceremonies Lab: Drill Lab #2

2.14 Drill and Ceremonies Lab: Drill Lab #3

2.15 Drill and Ceremonies Lab: Drill Lab #4

2.2 Leadership Foundations 2: The Chain Of Command

2.21 Grade Insignia

2.3 Leadership Foundations 3: Customs and Courtesies

2.31 Customs and Courtesies Lab

2.4 Leadership Foundations 4: The Cadet Uniform

2.41 Wear Of The Uniform Lab

2.42 Uniform Inspections and Tutorial
-Includes Cadet Uniform Inspection Scorecard

3.1 Aerospace Team Activity: Survival On The Moon

3.2 and 3.3 Preflight Activity and Orientation Flight


4.1 Introduction To Fitness and The CPFT

4.2 Fitness Activity

5.1 Introduction To The Core Values
NOTE: CAPP 265-2, Flight Time: Values for Living has been discontinued. Refer to Character Development Values for Living 2.0 for the replacement content.

5.2 The Cadet Oath

6.1 Basic Field Safety

6.2 Compass Course

7.1 Pre-Test: Jeopardy! (Instructions)

7.1 Jeopardy! Online Game Link

7.2 Cadet Physical Fitness Test

  • TO ENTER SCORES: See HFZ via eServices > Cadet Programs > Cadet Promotions > in the top left menu look for Healthy Fitness Zone

7.3 Online "Curry" Achievement 1 Exam

  • Unproctored exam via eServices

7.31 Drill Achievement #1 "Curry" Exam

7.33 Recite Cadet Oath from Memory

7.4 Cadet Progression and Leadership Feedback

7.41 Leadership Feedback Meeting


Appendix 1: Pre-Planning and Open House Checklist

Appendix 2: Great Start Checklist

Appendix 3: Materials Checklist

Appendix 4: Sample News Release

Appendix 5: Letter to Schools

Appendix 6: Graduation Certificate (the link below are full color, fillable certificates)

Appendix 7: Frequently Asked Questions

The information above covers ALL information and activities in the "Great Start Materials Download." However the original download link is being provided as a backup to the information on this page.

Cadet Great Start CAPP 52-9:  manual only.

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