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All publications listed on this page are available in the CAP NHQ Publication Library.

Click the link below, use the left menu to select the link that corresponds with the publication you are seeking.

i.e. Regulations and Manuals (CAPR / CAPM); Pamphlets (CAPP); Standards (CAPS); and Forms (CAPF)

These are the most frequently referenced. This is NOT an exclusive list of resources.

CAPR 60-1:  Cadet Program Management


CAPR 60-2:  Cadet Protection Policy



CAPR 39-2:  Civil Air Patrol Membership

Note 1: Cadet online applications MUST be printed prior to application approval to be filed in the cadet's personnel file. Once approved, the unit will no longer have access to application information.
Note 2:  Although this regulation states that the Unit Commander can determine if a unit membership board is required for cadet applicants, GRP2/CC has directed that unit membership boards be held for both cadets and senior members. Like all membership boards, all relevant notes regarding the board should be properly documented and maintained for inspection in the personnel file.


CAPP 35-3:  Membership Termination

Additional Resources:  Check out the NHQ Cadet Programs Officer page. This page provides the basic SM structure for Cadet Programs, Professional Development for Cadet Programs Officers and Specialty Track Sheet, CP Regulations and Guidance, Metrics for the Quality Cadet Unit Award (QCUA), and much, much more.


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