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For both sit-ups and push-ups, proper form and repetition are your friend. Keeping Sunday as a rest day, you can do three days each, alternating between push-ups and sit-ups which will provide a rest day in between working the different muscle groups.


Push-Up Training Options:

It is SUGGESTED that push-up training be accomplished on Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout each week. This will provide Saturday and Sunday recuperation before a potential test day on Monday utilizing those muscle groups.


For push-ups, remember to maintain the stiff as a board technique. Set your toes so your heels can press up against a wall (like you are standing on the wall with your toes planted on the floor). This helps hold everything rigid from your toes and ankles all the way up to through your pelvis, back, neck/head. Hold the stomach in, don't let the back sway downward. Don't hang your head down; your neck should remain in alignment with the rest of your back. Keep it all "stiff as a board."


Beginner Push-Up Training:

On Monday morning, do a test run of as many CORRECT push-ups as you can accomplish in one minute. Once you can no longer maintain proper form, stop counting. Divide that number in half. (If you can do 6, divide it in half for 3.) It is SUGGESTED that Push-up training be Monday, Wednesday and Friday Between Monday and Saturday,  Each day throughout the week, do that number every 2 hours. (In this example, you would do 3 push-ups every 2 hours throughout your day, from when you first wake up until you go to bed.) Do NOT do the practice push-ups based on time, rather focus on correct form. At the end of the day, log it on your sheet (i.e. 3 push-ups, 6 times). The following Monday, retest total correct push-ups in one minute and adjust the number of practice push-ups accordingly.


Advanced Push-up Training:

"Up to" 10 separate times per day, three days per week (alternating days with sit-ups), spend ONE MINUTE doing as many push-ups as you can.

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